Aska 🇯🇵 ahs/kuh ; Mukuti 🇹🇿 moo/koo/tee      
About Her


BlackSpace / Iconography
I collaborated with the BlackSpace Board to design a visual iconographic system for their Manifesto. These wonderful partners gave me creative freedom to interpret this living and breathing document of principles from my own perspective as a Black designer. 

The Manifesto will be featured in the Oakland Museum of California’s Mothership: Voyage Into Afrofuturism this year.

It’s also downloadable from BlackSpace’s website here.

After receiving the BlackSpace brand assets, I worked with the board to narrow down options for typographic, color palette, and patterned mood boards options. 

My initial draft emphasized the Manifesto’s numbers because I believed it was important to read each principle sequentially.

The board provided me with feedback that pointed me in a very different direction, one that emphasized a more symbolic icon set. I returned to the African patterns and symbology the team had resonated with during the mood boarding phase of the project, and began cutting out gestural icons.

This off-computer exercise helped provide a set of 14 icons that BlackSpace continues to use in their Brooklyn-based community workshops and their website, where they provide copies of the Manifesto for the public.

ムクティー飛鳥  2021年