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Maverick Matcha

logo, illustration / freelance
My client requested a logo, illustrations, and label design for their tea brand, Maverick Matcha. The name itself referenced the unique combination of unconventional flavors such as orange, mint, and lavender, with a traditional base of matcha.

I started with these early logo drafts before honing in on one the client and I felt most represented the bright, energetic personality of the brand. Since the tea combines flavors from disparate backgrounds, it made more sense to break from my geometric iterations and embrace a less structured look.


I drafted various versions of the label with different scales for the illustrations, logo, and type. Initially I envisioned the label to be quite playful like the logo and its brand messaging, so I experimented with different arrangements.

It became clear that because the labels were only 2x3 inches, the logo and illustrations would be more difficult to see at smaller scales. So I designed a much more simplified version that would allow the logo to print better at a larger scale.

The updated illustrations included more detail and expression to make the labels less flat, and more dynamic like the brand’s personality.

The final labels were printed onto small packets so potential customers could sample the various flavors by mail.