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San Jose 

iconography / contest submission
The Screenprint Showdown hosted a community contest asking for Bay Area participants to make t-shirt designs expressing what the city of San Jose meant to them.

I grew up frequenting a lot of San Jose’s iconic attractions, so I wanted my interpretation of the city to highlight the most recognizable ones that Bay Area residents would know. 

I also wanted to highlight the importance of the city’s name itself, given that it holds great meaning for its residents. There’s a tangible sense of pride in the community, so I decided to create something that would incorporate both the city’s attractions and its name in my final design.

Type ‘winchester’ into Google, and the first suggested result is for ‘Winchester House’, a grand home with memorable architecture and a strange history of residents. 

This first iteration utilizes the recognizable architectural of the home. The combination of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal angles fit well with the letter N’s similar structure.

The contest required submissions to be two-toned for silkscreening on the day of judging, so I chose bright contrasting blues that would appear well on light and dark t-shirts and digital platforms.

This design iteration also illustrates the layering process involved in silkscreening, while uniting type and image together.

The style from the N design became the blueprint for the remaining letters. They represented places like the city’s international airport, and its soccer team that plays in the stadium nearby.

Together the letters and images form an icon set, one that I wanted participants to engage with on the day of the silkscreening community judging event.