Aska 🇯🇵 ahs/kuh ; Mukuti 🇹🇿 moo/koo/tee      


Freelance / Illustration

I started stick and poking my own tattoos a few years ago and currently do them on the side. It began with an interest in the old Okinawan tradition of women tattooing each other’s hands to mark symbols of marital status and wealth (ハジチ/ ha-ji-chi).

Many of my tattoo designs are influenced by childhood drawings and my cultural background.

Inspiration came from a photo of my cousins that’s been on the family fridge ever since I was young.

Butterfly-moth hybrid design for a client.

Tigers (トラ / tora) hold significant protective powers in East Asian cultures.

Family crest (紋 / mon) from my late Japanese grandmother’s gravesite (お墓 / o-haka).

I was a pre-schooler who loved seeing jellies when my family would take trips to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I drew a four-eyed, three-eared rabbit to describe my ‘worst fear’ in a booklet from kindergarten.